'Castles made of Castles' is a Visually Stimulating Browser Game

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: sciencevsmagic.net & thenextweb
Architecture is about the merger of mathematics and aesthetics to create unique forms, and the fractal architecture in the 'Castles made of Castles' browser tool is taking that concept to the extreme. The visually stimulating tool lets users create colorful "castles" simply by clicking to add cubes. The trick, though, is that each cube becomes a miniature version of the complete castle.

The mind-bending recursive logic of this system is known in mathematics as fractals, and fractal architecture in the real world is common. However, the fractal architecture in Castles made of Castles is far more elaborate and literal than anything being built currently.

As one might imagine, as fractals gain detail, they increase substantially in complexity and require a massive amount of computing power to create. Using Castles Made of Castles, consumers will almost surely notice their computers slowing down under the stress.