Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) by Mikhail Belyaev is Ethereal

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: mikhailbelyaev & yankodesign
The Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light is minimally modern and futuristically space age. Its simple silhouette takes on the shape of a long oval. Fixed to a wooden base, it glows ethereally as though Tinkerbell or some other pixie resides inside. Nevertheless, it is the frosted glass that gives the Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light a magical aesthetic.

Created by Mikhail Belyaev, a young multidisciplinary designer based in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light may seem phallic to some (especially when paired with a naked woman), but it has a balloon-like quality as well. Either way, the Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light is a playful creation that will brighten up any living space.

The Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light recently made its debut during the Moscow Design Week 2012.