Larson Electronics Makes Heavy Duty Machinery Safer with Less Distractions

Larson Electronics is known for its heavy duty and high quality equipment, a collection that has been expanded with the inclusion of the 'EPL-TN-FKLT-BLUE Blue LED Forklift Safety Light.'

The durable 25-watt LED lights are designed to keep workers safe and improve upon the usual alarm models that they often become too accustomed to and are therefore more likely to ignore. The forklift safety light by Larson Electronics revolutionizes this by offering a device that isn't annoying for operators and other workers to listen to all day. As CEO of the company Rob Bresnahan explains, "The light eliminates the need for strenuous strobe lights and audible alarms that could cause more of a distraction rather than assist with safety precautions."

For the forklift safety lights to work, it needs to be attached to the front and back of the machinery, at which point it is able to warn people in night and day settings and in almost any environment.