Food Studio Showcases Norwegian Fare in Creative Manners

 - Apr 29, 2014
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Norway's Food Studio is a collective community dedicated to showcasing and paying homage to the country's fare in creative ways. Members of the eclectic group include designers and photographers who together produce events and shows that display edibles made in sustainable, responsible environments.

Food Studio's interest in responsible produce stems from its preoccupation with nutritious, healthy dishes that inspire lovers of oysters, beets, spices and herbs. They also emphasize the importance of treating both plants and animals with dignity, and thus only focus on meats and greens that have been cultivated under equitable terms.

By tending to the artistic side of poultry, fish and rare game, Food Studio is proving that there is much more to groceries than delectable flavors. Commonly overlooked aesthetic elements are instead at the fore of the organization.