The ‘_____ as _____’ Project Makes Food Idioms Literal

 - Jun 23, 2013
References: dribbble & designtaxi
Using food idioms, English designer Christine Kawasaki-Chan created a series of enticing images in her ‘_____ as _____’ series. The photos transform food-related sayings into extremely literal representations. Kawasaki-Chan’s resulting photos look both extremely well designed and very delicious. The food is placed in a natural setting and occasionally accompanied by other food as if it were waiting for you to eat it.

Kawasaki-Chan chose four different sayings to include in her lettering project. One of the more hunger-inducing ones is the photo with the text "easy as" inscribed into a pie. The crust was formed to spell the text in easy and free-flowing script. Using cucumbers, the artist also played on the saying "Cool as a cucumber." The chilly vegetable’s peels were used to elegantly form the words "Cool as a."