Marti Guixe Uses Food for Printing

 - Apr 17, 2014
References: designboom
In his latest exhibition, Marti Guixe uses balsamic vinegar as a sort of ink and food for printing. The artist recently showed this use in the exhibition GUIXE3, where people were invited to try their hand at using this alternative writing tool.

Guixe loves to experiment with the alternatives of products and items, exploring and pushing each thing to its extremes to demonstrate the various functions a commodity can have. Most people look at balsamic vinegar as just a type of food, but Guixe takes this idea a step further, creating two purposes for the dressing.

Apart from writing with the vinegar, Guixe also used it as a type of stamp to mark various foods, giving each dish a digestible trademark for all of those hungry individuals. Photo Credits: designboom