The 'Orange Is The New Snack' Food Blog Brings Meals to Life

New York-based creative team Sara Elan and Shirley Chan started a Tumblr blog called 'Orange Is The New Snack.' They say you shouldn't play with your food, but this creative team is changing that rule. The designer and writer showcase their creative humor by personifying everyday food items. They took snacks such as fruits and nuts and created an imaginative world where meals come to life through the magic of doodles.

For example, they used a black marker on two bananas and turned them into a sleepy couple cuddling.Chan adds witty captions to the photographs such as "I’m bananas for you. Everything else stems from that."

If you haven't smiled yet today, check out the rest of these adorably comical food doodles. Personally, I think the designs would be perfect for cards.