The Kusudama Picnic Food Basket is Inspired by Japanese Artwork

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: yankodesign
The Kusudama picnic food basket is designed with the aesthetic of the Japanese Kusudama Ball in mind to create a chromatically vibrant experience that likens opening the basket to opening a present.

Designed by Nigel Sielegar of the Corse Design Factory, the Kusudama picnic basket enables items to be kept within and revealed when it's time to eat in an interactive way. This helps to put the focus on enjoying each of the items packed within rather than simply rushing to get done.

The delightful Kusudama food basket is, as previously mentioned, inspired by the Kusudama Ball, which features an origami design that's inherently ornate. It's this attention to detail that is interpreted through the Kusudama picnic basket for a final product that is prepared for luncheons wherever one desires.