The Font Face by Atipo Series Pays Homage to Four Type Designers

 - Mar 2, 2011
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When I first looked upon the Font Face by Atipo series, I couldn't help but think that each face reminded me of a mime character. Of course, that's a fairly easy comparison to make considering the black and white paint used as well as the rather large, quirky patterns used.

Yet the Font Face by Atipo series was actually created to pay homage to four outstanding type designers who have contributed immensely to the world of design. These four type designs and corresponding designers are: the Calson Italic typeface by William Calson, the Clarendon Bold typeface by Robert Besley, the Helvetica Bold typeface by Max Miedinger and the Carousel Medium typeface.

Each font was featured on a model's face and made into a large poster. The Font Face by Atipo series is a simple yet magnificent way to pay tribute to these great designs.