This Modular Folding Bike Can Function as a Stand-Up Scooter as Well

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: kickstarter
This folding bike is the first of its kind and simultaneously acts as a convenient stand-up scooter. Referred to as 'Sliders,' this line of skate bikes can be stood on to propel oneself forward or sat on like a standard bicycle. This makes it safer and more convenient to stroll different areas, depending on how crowded the surroundings are.

The folding bike has features that make it extraordinary like a chain cover, which means the chain won't ever fall off its loop. The grips and seat are made out of leather, making the bi-modal transportation much more comfortable and controllable. Finally, the bike also comes with small side saddle bags to keep things like a wallet, sunglasses or phone safe without any worries while cycling. Its easy-to-ride open frame and adaptability make it the perfect bike for professionals who are always travelling from place to place in a stylish outfit they don't want wrinkled.