The Fogi Fireplace is an All-in-One System

 - Dec 12, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Fogi Fireplace boasts an all-in-one system, and is both decorative and functional in its design.

The fireplace comes in one cone-shaped piece that functions as a heater, chimney, fire pit and center table – all in one item. The base of the Fogi Fireplace is made up of concrete and features a coal or firewood ashtray, along with a burner. The cone-shaped chimney is made of double steel, and has a stainless steel interior wall that is durable and allows the fire's smoke to billow through its top.

Although the fundraising campaign promoting the Fogi Fireplace says it is safe to use indoors, this is not the case if the smoke that comes out of the top of the fireplace has no way of getting outside – making it crucial that homeowners only use the fireplace outdoors.