Derek Chatwood Makes These Vibrant Flying Shark Illustrations

 - Jul 20, 2013
References: flickr & laughingsquid
These brightly colored illustrations by artist Derek Chatwood depicts flying sharks. In these epic outdoor illustrations, the viewer sees sharks hunting sheep, soaring over forests and taking on bears. If anything, these fantastic pictures are extremely entertaining.

These creative illustrations also feature some land locked sea creatures. In one picture, there are half a dozen vibrantly colored octopuses hanging out in a shady forest while a gang of sharks fly by overhead. Some of these pictures show flying sharks dipping down to take a bite out of a sheep, or in one case, a grizzly. These illustrations are great because they take one of the most commonly feared sea creatures and make them even scarier. The idea of flying sharks is enough to give some people nightmares.

These pictures are imaginative and brightly colored.