The Flying Inflatable Boat

Who knew you could fly and float in one sitting? Thanks to the Flying Inflatable Boat (also known as the FlyingDuck) you can.

By incorporating the popular Rigid Inflatable Boat with their wings, Italian hang-glider manufacturing giant, Polaris, has allowed boaters to take flight on one of the largest runways possible-- the ocean.

Whether the FlyingDuck is used for work or leisure, Polaris innovators have been working on the model for over a decade to ensure anyone can conduct it safely. They have been used by the U.S Navy, accessorized to mega-yachts and used as an attraction on vacation resorts. It is equipped for a two-man flight and accommodates four with its easily removable wings. Today, Polaris claims you can learn to fly with only 10-15 hours of training.

Two men in Italy have reached a height of 500 metres and speeds of around 50 knots. Watch the video to see the hybrid hype for yourself.

These boats range from $30-50 thousand in price.

Implications - The Flying Inflatable Boat is a perfect example of innovation. Creators took two simple and popular leisure activities (boating and hang-gliding) to design a multi-purposed flying boat. The FIB can be transformed in minutes to work on land, air, or, with ski, on ice and snow.

With so many capabilities, it can be marketed to a variety of companies: resorts as an attraction, government operations as an emergency responder and to the general public as a leisure toy.

Not only is it versatile, but it has been designed for ultimate safety through collaborative innovation. Polaris had the idea and the wings, but could not have created this product without the well known RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) manufacturer, Lomac Nautica. Thus, entrepreneurs and businesses do not want to limit their success; they shouldn’t be afraid to extend their ideas to other companies.