Lazzarini Design's 2014 Jet Capsule is Sleek and Spacious

The 2014 Jet Capsule is like a hybrid between a miniature yacht and a jet ski, which makes it quite a futuristic looking water vehicle. The concept by Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design has been in the works since 2009, but has only now come into reality.

The Jet Capsule is still quite sizeable and reaches about 23’ in length, which makes it more spacious than other boats of its kind. In the boat’s interior, it can comfortable seat about nine people. Lazzarini Design has made the capsule completely customizable, with additions that can be made like transforming beds, photochromic plexiglass, attachable sunbathing decks, AC and bullet-proof windows, to name a few.

The zippy little vessel is capable of reaching up to 50 knots and it runs on diesel, so that it is less expensive and environmentally-consious. Lazzarini Design is also working on a version that can be electrically charged. Since they’ve made such great leaps with this design in the last four years, the Jet Capsule will probably be even more astounding in the years to come.