MEDi is a Robot That Keeps Kids Calm While Getting Flu Shots

 - Jul 15, 2013
References: aldebaran-robotics & mashable
Most children don't enjoy getting their flu shots, but a robot called MEDi could change that completely. Essentially, this is a robot designed to keep kids calm and happy when they come in for their shots. I'm envious of children who have a robot to distract them from the painful prick of a flu shot. That's a luxury that I definitely didn't have growing up.

Studies have been done with MEDi and the results showed that kids felt less pain while getting their needles and remained far more calm with this incredible robot keeping them entertained. The robot has an adorable face that makes it clear that it was designed with children in mind. One can't help but think of WALL-E when they see this glowing robot.

Kids everywhere would look forward to their flu shots knowing that they get to play will a robot at the doctor's office.