Florida Marlins Cast Manatees

 - Feb 23, 2008
References: news.yahoo
When you think cheerleader, you've probably got an image of some young, toned, big-boobed, prancing girls with way too much pep than a normal human could exert when flailing pom-poms, right? Well, the Marlins are looking to change that stereotype.

On February 24, they're casting a team of plus-size males to cheer for their football games. The Marlins plan on "capitalizing on Americans' expanding waistlines," Yahoo news said.

They'll be called the Manatees; yes, named after the bluberous "sea cows," and will cheer on Friday and Saturday home games. For every other game they'll still be using their sexier Mermaids.

Since 2003, the Chicago Bulls have had a cheering team called the Matadors which also consists of overweight men. A photo of the group is seen in the gallery.