The Florida Gum Smile Power Campaign Leads Blind Love

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: jwt & adsoftheworld
Not everyone has the sense to steer clear of someone totally who's wrong for him, and these Florida Gum Smile Power ads depict just how blindly these characters pursue a pretty face.

The gum brand doesn't appear to have any tooth-whitening properties, yet the focus of the campaign is the grin of the chewer. Minty fresh breath is perhaps an appealing quality in a potential mate, yet the characters in these animated ads take a few steps too close to dangerous suitors.

Designed by the JWT advertising agency of Tunisia, these cartoony prints portray a lovestruck deep sea diver leaving his air supply behind to meet his mermaid, a melting snowman pursues a Hawaiian hula dancer, and a balloon woman reaches for the hand of a cactus cowboy. Emphasizing the effect of an attractive mouth, the Florida Gum Smile Power campaign teaches mint-flavored treachery.