The Flock of Chairs Series is as Diverse as the Balloerveld Heath Heard

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: & designspotter
While mass-produced furniture might come with economic benefits and more of an assurance of a flawless cookie cutter product, such items cannot truly compete with the character and charm that you find in collections like the Flock of Chairs. Each of the seats is made from different sheep's wool and features a frame of a different local timber.

Native oak, apple and elm wood are used to carefully craft the quirky furnishings before the shaggy upholstery is applied. Drenthe heath sheep provide Melle Koot with the comfy material for the backrest and seat and no two objects end up alike. The Flock of Chairs series includes short fleece, long fleece, curled, straight, dark, light or medium-colored fleece. What is consistent among each piece is its divinely downy feel.