The Floating Zoo Animal Series by Herry Ye Features Jeweled Creatures

 - Nov 17, 2011
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The Floating Zoo Animal Series by Herry Ye features illustrations of animals wearing jewelry and human clothing. Though the black and white pencil drawings are quirky in their concept, they evoke emotion through the expressions of the portrayed animals. The concept for this illustration series looks at people as social animals and provides a social commentary for a modern era.

In a modern society, pets are animal companions to some but can be also be overly humanized by others. The Floating Zoo Animal Series examines this phenomenon in detail by giving animal subjects human-like characteristics with painting names like 'The Beautiful Giraffe,' 'The Estranged Impala' and 'Greyhound-wearing Cowboy.' These animal illustrations by Herry Ye are drawn to resemble human-like portraits, containing clothing and jewelry that ultimately tells a story about each creature, as if they were human.

Image Credit: Herry Ye