Preserve Your Favorite Memories Using an Avant-Garde Flip Book Maker

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: youtube
While flip books might seem passe and pre-technology, some exciting and sleek new flip book makers have been recently released, bringing flip books into the present in a big way.

Trend Hunter's Vice President Shelby Lee Walsh believes that flip books can preserve memories in ways that other gadgets simply can't, leading to her picking out five fantastic flip book creations that prove that flip books are a thing of the past, present and future.

One of Shelby's favorite flip book creations is an online service called FlipClips. Users simply upload a short video, and the site sends them a little flip book that allows them to relive happy memories with the flick of a few pages. As Shelby points out, this service is perfect for everything from weddings to baby showers.

Similarly, Shelby's top pick is Party Impressions, which also provides party-goers with personalized flip books. However, Party Impressions comes directly to your party with a photo booth, lets party-goers take videos of themselves using fun props, like feather boas, then prints the photos and makes a flip book right then and there. Trend Hunter actually hired Party Impressions for its 1 billion-view party. Each employee left the event with their very own flip book, holding a ton of memories of an unforgettable evening.

Flip books make for the perfect party favors, letting party guests relive their magical nights while also acting as neat takes on family photo albums and home videos. With their customizability and quirky function, these five flip book creations prove that flip books will never go out of style.