The Flexibler Umbrella Has a Malleable Grip for More Versatility

 - Dec 11, 2013
There are those days when rain is forecast and you find yourself toting protection rather than using it. The Flexibler Umbrella is a wonderfully handy springtime accessory that affords more versatility than most.

The major change that Lin Ming-Hung and Poh Liang-Hock made to the parasol was to its handgrip. Instead of providing a straight handle or a curled cane-style one, they've suggested manufacturing it with a thick bar of malleable metal that's then coated in rubber. With this arrangement, you can bend and completely reshape the end of the Flexibler Umbrella to suit your immediate needs. You can wind it around your backpack strap, flatten it to hang it from a tabletop or coil it around a coatrack or a door handle.