The Flex Coffee Table Mimics Topography for an Elegant Aesthetic

 - Jul 3, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Lessons from nature can result in a plethora of very different forms when adapted by designers. The Flex Coffee Table takes a remarkably modern shape, yet the formal principles at play have been inspired by the gentle swell of landscapes.

Whether it's rolling hills or undulating waves, Zarya Vrabcheva's exquisitely fluid piece of furniture flaunts graceful curves that challenge the conventional flatness and levelness of the couch-accompanying surface. Sculpted of a single plane of CrystalPlant material, each of the four pointed feet seem to stretch, distort and extend into a smooth billowing shell of fluctuating heights and inclines.

The Flex Coffee Table comes to accommodate an array of different objects that can be set down and picked up from different parts of the sloping surface. It does of course feature even areas for the placement of teacups and delicate decorations.