These Illustrations Express the Short-Lived Development of Mankind

 - Jan 24, 2016
References: unspokenimage &
Anne-Laure Etienne is a talented European photographer that offers a critic on society's notions of fleeting beauty in her illustration series fittingly titled, Fleeting. The images capture both humans and plants highlight how everything in life is temporary as we move through different stages consecutively and continuously.

Etienne's illustrations are mainly monochromatic except the floral elements of the pieces, that are brightly colored and highlighted as focal points alongside faces of subjects that are missing elements or rendered incomplete. The silence captured in the illustrations offers an eerie quality that adds an element of contextual mystery.

The images capture both men and women posing with large bouquets of flowers either covering or highlighting their faces as a way to perhaps express how aesthetics are simply temporary and constantly changing in appearance as time moves onwards.