These Fleet Ribbon Ornaments are Visually Interesting and Durable

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: store.module-r & design-milk
This year avoid trimming the tree with the same old boring ornaments you favor year after year, and add these gorgeously simplistic Fleet Ribbon Ornaments to your usual rotation. Crafted by designer Zoe Garred from the studio Fleet Objects, these skeletal baubles are made using discarded aircraft plywood. The durable material makes for unique ornaments that won't shatter if they happen to fall from the tree due to a cat-related disturbance.

Each bauble is 3 inches in diameter and comes equipped with an adjustable string, so you can control the length of each ornament. Deliciously modern in their styling, the Fleet Ribbon Ornaments inject a little class into a tree otherwise adorned with ill-fated homemade decorations. If the tree is too crowded, these captivating crafts can be hung elsewhere in the house for a little visual interest around every corner.

Looking lavishly seasonal in their red, white and silver color scheme, these Fleet Ribbon Ornaments are a fantastic addition to any evergreen, pine or Douglas Fir.