This Flavored Caramel from Liddabit Sweets Tastes Like Carrot Cake

 - May 6, 2016
References: shop.liddabitsweets
Liddabit Sweets produces a range of flavored caramel candies, including ones that taste like gingerbread stout, fig and ricotta or beer and pretzels. Adding to its inventive caramel assortment are the Carrot Cake Caramels, which adds a sweeter note to its savory lineup.

The Carrot Cake Caramels are described as having a light and spiced flavor, which comes from unusual additions like raisins and cream cheese frosting.

The spread of foodie culture has made it possible for more traditional confections to be reinvented with experimental flavors like this one from Liddabit Sweets. Most consumers are fairly receptive to outrageous candy flavors, especially since these kinds bite-sized treats don't provide as much substance as a full meal that will ultimately require them to either eat or waste more.