The New Flavor Flips Put a Twist on Classic Ben & Jerry's Flavors

 - May 5, 2016
References: benjerry & refinery29
Ben & Jerry's is currently launching a new initiative called 'Flavor Flips' that involves putting a creative twist on some of its classic flavors. For those who frequently find themselves adding topping to their favorite pint, the new initiative could be the perfect chance to sample something new.

The Flavor Flips initiative involves taking iconic Ben & Jerry's flavors and giving them a minor tweak. For example, Half Baked will transform into a new flavor called Totally Baked, which will feature cookie batter instead of the traditional cookie dough swirls. While the change may seem subtle, Ben & Jerry's flavor Guru Eric Fredette explains that the initiative is a "simple, but fun, way to create a new flavor by using the same euphoric flavor profiles our fans have grown to love."

Of course, Ben & Jerry's purists need not panic because the original flavors will still be available in addition to the new remixed varieties.