The Flaker 2.0 Has a Built-In Receptacle for Collecting Horses' Waste

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: designhofbauer & yankodesign
The Flaker 2.0 may be the first proper modern upgrade to the traditional horse-drawn carriage. Over the years, many solutions have been developed to keep horse dung from being deposited and left about the streets, but the vast majority of these contraptions are attachments to existing designs. What Michael Hofbauer proposes is a built-in unit that can catch and process poop.

This contemporary coach boasts the four classic spoked wheels and a car with seats facing forwards and backwards. The cozy cabin inflects at the front and the rear to keep passengers feeling enclosed and secure; meanwhile, an open driver's ledge projects from one end. The Flaker 2.0 has been sculpted with a streamlined shell of hard white material and upholstered inside with elegant velvety red cushions. The excrement-catching component keeps the road clean and composts what it collects.