These Terrarium Tanks Provide an Alternative to Real or Robotic Fish

 - Jun 4, 2016
References: dollartree
The 'Plastic Solar-Powered Swimming Fish Terrarium' is an affordable Dollar Tree toy that takes the hassle out of caring for a real pet fish, while still providing the enjoyment of having a soothing and colorful tank to look at.

While there are plenty of robotic and wind-up fish toys on the market for kids, this one provides an even more affordable alternative that would come to life in a child's room with a spot by the window. With exposure to the sun, the built-in panel stirs the fish inside, making it seem as though they're floating around the the small terrariums as if they were alive.

With the upcoming release of Finding Dory, the clownfish and blue tang fish toys that float in these solar-powered tanks will catch the eyes of many young kids this summer.