Charm Villa Rethinks the Traditional Loose Leaf Holders

 - Nov 17, 2014
References: charmvilla & neatorama
The tea culture is becoming stronger every day, so much so that people are stumbling upon such fun products as these fish tea bags. Shaped just like a goldfish, when submerged in hot water, it wouldn't be surprising if people thought it was the real deal. After all, the tint of the tea gives the bag a golden touch that is utterly perfect.

Designed by Charm Villa, a studio based in Taiwan, the fish tea bag is made by both hand and machine in a 16 step process. Although this might seem like a lot, people will respond to the creativity of the fish tea bag in the same way that they respond to playful latte art. What makes the fish tea bag even more special is that it appears to swim when tugged at.