Crafty Selfvertising: Sprint Firsts in Self-Promotion

 - Aug 9, 2010
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Transformable business cards, interactive fitness cards and stretchy business cards. Today we hunt: CRAFTY SELFVERTISING - Sprint Firsts in Self-Promotion

Narrowed job markets and employment instability have led consumers to seek inventive ways of self-promotion to capture the attention of future employers. With interactive, imaginative and clever business cards on the rise, an opportunity exists for other self-promoting forms, channels and tools.

10. The Tam Cargo business cards definitely think outside of the box. They prove that it's never been so hip to be square.

9. How do you catapult your way to success in the business world? You follow Bryce Bell's lead and make a business card that provides hours of enjoyment -- perfect for annoying your co-workers.

8. The 'Yoga One' Business Cards will have you doing moves you never dreamed possible. Please do not attempt this in real life.

7. This is one business card no one will throw away. Ricky Richards' money cards make it rain dollar bills. How many other business cards can do that?

6. It's time to stretch it out with Poul Nielsen's elastic business cards.

5. Want to go green? Get your next batch of business cards to sprout alfalfa like The 'Another Bloomin’ Designer' business card by Jamie Wieck.

4. With slogans like "If you see anybody that knows me, tell them I said hi," "Full of antioxidants" and "Tentacles of awesomeness," these pop-up business cards are the bee's knees.

3. Want to boast about how social media savvy you are? These Twitter business cards make sure that everyone knows how many followers you have.

2. The days of simple business cards are over and ones with planetary gears have taken over. While this is a cool idea, this DIY project doesn't lend itself well to bulk orders in tight timeframes.

1. These dazzling thermo-sensitive business cards are made by a French communications agency called 'Mumure.' Now people have incentive to warm up to you and your company.

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