Barbie Flagship Store in Shanghai

 - Nov 12, 2008
The world's first Barbie flagship store has just opened its doors in Shanghai.

Hoping to cash in on Chinese consumerism, Mattel spent a cool US $30 million to build the massive, 3,400 square-meter, 'House of Barbie' store.

Barbie dolls and all Barbie-related products are sold at the store, including toys, movies, books, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, bedding and home decorations.

Two new Barbie Dolls, one Asian and one Caucasian, were also developed for the grand opening.

Implications - Developing expansion stores and products of an already popular brand is a great way for businesses to attract media and consumer attention. It is also an effective method of ensuring that customers will demonstrate be drawn toward their company due to the familiarity of a product.