The FireText Alerts Your Emergency Contacts in Case of Danger

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: & gizmodo
By sending out text messages to your emergency contacts, the FireText promises to prevent emergencies at home and ultimately to keep you safe.

With all the strange, convoluted meals I've tried to piece together in the past, countless stove-top fires and smoke clouds have required my attention. Luckily, I've always been there to prevent things from getting out of hand quickly. Yet, what if I had left the kitchen unattended for some reason? The FireText is the proposed solution to that quandary.

Complete with a GSM SIM card attached, the FireText is capable of notifying up to four, preselected emergency contacts in case of an unruly fire. For those of you with a second or unattended home, this device could altogether replace the expensive home-sitter you've hired.

For the rest of you, however, you may want to think twice before paying $144 plus carrier fees for this extra layer of security.