Gal Weinsteins’ ‘Fire Tires’ Refence Oil Debates

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: gal-weinstein & mymodernmet
Gal Weinstein’s ‘Fire Tires’ sculpture addresses more than your average installation. The four meter-high wheels are made of wax, mimicking the style to a T with expertly carved rivets. The Tel-Aviv-based artist crafted the puffs of smoke of polystyrene foam and graphite to match the faux rubber tubes.

A specific social, economic and political mandate lies at the heart of Weinstein’s Fire Tires. He addresses the pressing Middle Eastern oil crisis as a native of the region, a topic that has remained one of the most hotly debated global issues. His setting of the rims ablaze here is symbolic as it signifies the dangerous and at times deathly results that come of controversial oil deals.