The 'Fireman’s Prayer' Fire Hose Nozzle Enables a Better Grip

 - Apr 18, 2017
References: yankodesign
A traditional fire hose, when turned on, requires several firemen in order to keep it spraying in the right direction, so the 'Fireman’s Prayer' fire hose nozzle aims to change this. Requiring just one person to utilize, the 'Fireman’s Prayer' hose nozzle works by enabling a single fireman to firmly position the hose under their arm in order to maintain a strong grip. This eliminates the need for multiple people to be manning the hose, so they can take control of other tasks to get the blaze under control faster, and get inhabitants to safety quickly.

The 'Fireman’s Prayer' fire hose nozzle is the design work of Taekwon Yeon and is designed to increase the overall safety of the fire hose in order to prevent mishaps and injuries.