Little Bird's Fire Bites Add a Dose of Heat to Gourmet Chocolate

The confectionery company Little Bird is selling a product called Fire Bites that caters to the ongoing demand for spicy chocolates. With everything from drinks to frozen dinners receiving a spicy upgrade, this brand demonstrates that the dessert category is due for a touch of heat.

Little Bird's Fire Bites consist of hand-picked jalapeños that are sourced from local farmers in New York state. The jalapeños are then cut, candied and dried before they are coated in a thick layer of milk, white or dark chocolate. The candied jalapeños can also be enjoyed without the chocolate coating for an extra-spicy treat. The unusually spicy confections were developed by company founders Corey and Sara Meyer after they experimented with a leftover batch of jalapeños. Now the candies are in high demand among consumers who are eager to find exotic treats that boast unique flavor combinations.