Finn Hopson Documents the Gradual Deterioration of Brighton's West Pier

 - May 15, 2014
References: finnhopson & mymodernmet
Finn Hopson's latest series, 'The End of the Pier' chronicles the slow decay of Brighton's West Pier against the beautiful horizon. Hopson, who has been photographing the pier for the past two years, plans to continue the project until, one day, the structure is inevitably engulfed by water.

Currently, the series is comprised of twelve photos in which the disintegration of the pier is clearly visible. Hopson climbed into the water during the low tide in order to achieve the perfect perspective. The talented photographer used exposures ranging from 30 seconds to four minutes, capturing a complementary balance of all the elements within the photo; water, sky and pier.

Hopson admits the series began on accident, saying, "I had no intention of starting a project, I just wanted to get an interesting image once the ballroom section had been taken away. [...] After a few attempts it became a moderate obsession and now I feel kind of obliged to keep at it."