The Veri-Pen Has a Fingerprint Sensor and More to Confirm Identity

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: jihoonsuh & yankodesign
The average consumer has more than a few passwords to remember as well as a desire for enhanced security to keep their information safe, so to blend security with simplicity the Veri-Pen is here with a fingerprint sensor and more for enhanced protection. The Veri-Pen works in two stages; first, the fingerprint sensor scans the user and, should the print match, will then allow for a signature verification sequence.

Designed by Jihoon Suh, the biometric Veri-Pen is intended to help alleviate consumer woes when it comes to identity theft and online fraud. Although the Veri-Pen is great as an online means to confirm identity, it also works well for in-person exchanges when identity confirmation is a priority for business professionals or security personnel.