The FINGear Brings Object Identification to the Fingertips of the Blind

 - Oct 19, 2013
References: jungdongsung & yankodesign
One of the wonderful aspects of modern technology is that it is helping people with disabilities to better connect to the world around them. The FINGear concept is one such innovation that assists the visually impaired with the perception gap between objects and even written words.

Dongseong Jeong has designed this remarkably compact and sleek device that you simply slip over the tip of your finger. You can use the tongue of the electronic accessory to touch different items and swipe across text; the built-in sensor will use its hi-tech recognition abilities to process what's before you. Next, simply raise the FINGear Scanner to your ear so that it can verbally tell you what it has discovered. It can even produce braille for you to read.