Dunkin' Donuts New Fine Coconut Donut is Shaped Like a Tropical Fruit

With the summer season in full swing, Dunkin' Donuts South Korea has debuted a new pineapple-shaped treat called the 'Fine Coconut Donut.' While the idea of making donuts infused with exotic ingredients and tropical flavors is nothing new, the unique shape of this sweet treat makes it even more fun to eat.

The Fine Coconut Donut is part of a summer donut line-up offered at Dunkin' Donuts locations across South Korea. The tropical treat is shaped like a pineapple and features a pina colada-inspired filling made from coconut and pineapple. The other tropical flavors available include the Lemon Tart Donut and the Peach Tart Donut -- both of which consist of a Danish-style pastry filled with a fruity center.

The new pineapple-shaped pastry demonstrates that brands can up the ante by experimenting with unexpected shapes in addition to new flavors.