Esprit De Figues is Branded as “the World’s First True Fresh Fig Liqueur"

 - Nov 28, 2017
References: barmagazine
Mangrove is now introducing 'Esprit de Figues,' which is what it calls "the world’s first true fresh fig liqueur."

The all-new premium spirit is produced with traditional techniques from the 150-year-old family distillery, a process which involves infusing the fruits in beet spirit to release their flavors. As such, the finished product has a distinctive dark and rich coloring when poured, which comes from the skin of the figs.

In terms of taste, the fresh fig liqueur was developed to bottle the essence of hand-picked Mediterranean figs. The signature way to enjoy the liqueur is the Esprit de Fizz, which is prepared with champagne or Prosecco, although it may be incorporated into other cocktail variations such as a Fig Sangria or a Fig Pisco Sour.