Fiet by Toer Moves Like a Giant Amoeba

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: studiotoer & design-milk
From afar, Fiet by Toer, a studio based in the Netherlands, looks like a giant bubble created by a street performer. As the shape becomes more discernible, it is clear that it isn't made out of soap and water, but countless of clear plastic cones. Nevertheless, it moves just as if it were a bubble in the air. Slow and fluid, the form can also be likened to a giant amoeba.

An interactive light sculpture, Fiet by Toer moves about peacefully and gently when the room it occupies is nice and quiet. As soon as noise is introduced into the mix, it shakes as though agitated. People will probably feel empathetic when viewing Fiet by Toer. Whether they perceive it as an alien life form or a pile of plastic, it creates a strong connection.