This Video Uses 'FiberFix' Tape to Keep a Plummeting Car Intact

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: fiberfix & core77
Though duct tape has a reputation as the most durable tape available, FiberFix tape bills itself as being "100 times stronger than duct tape." With a slogan like that, FiberFix tape needed a stunt to back it up, and so it released a video with the title: "Redneck Drives a Duct Tape Car off a Cliff!" to prove the strength of FiberFix over duct tape.

True to the video's name, it begins with a car careening off the edge of a cliff covered in a steel cage secured by regular duct tape. As one might expect, the vehicle ends up completely totalled. Next, though, another vehicle carries off the same stunt in a steel cage secured by FiberFix. Amazingly, the FiberFix-connected steel cage keeps the second car in good-as-new shape, despite its plummet.