This Photo Series Recounts Children Who Grew Up With Wild Animals

Feral Children is a photo series, put together by London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, that is equal parts fearsome and fascinating.

This series consists of visual depictions of children who grew up with or were raised by wild animals. Each image is based on a true story, with 15 stories in all depicted in this photo series.

One of the children depicted in Feral Children is Oxana Malaya, who grew up with a pack of mongrel dogs in the Ukraine. When discovered, she behaved more like a dog than like a human child, running around on all fours, panting with her tongue out, baring her teeth and barking. There's also the story of Sujit Kumar, a Fijian child who was kept in a chicken coop for most of his childhood. He was found at age eight, clucking and flapping like a chicken in the middle of a road.

This photo series is truly unsettling, and does a great job conveying stories that are horrific yet fascinating.