This Femme Fatale Comic Will Have You Shaking in Your Boots

First Date by Laura Callaghan is a femme fatale comic that might have you think twice before meeting that stranger from Tinder.

No longer content with the usual girl-next-door schtick, Callaghan designed the protagonist of her comic as a coolly disinterested temptress named Mara. Her date is a holier-than-thou non-smoking vegan who compliments her on being "hotter than her profile picture," and bemoans the use of Photoshop online. A lesser woman might not have made it through power brunch, but Mara sticks it out, if only to prove that carnivores have more fun.

After inviting him to her apartment ("I don't think any less of you for taking me home"), Mara proceeds to have a taste -- literally -- of sweet, sweet revenge in this film noir comic.