The Federico Lombardo Series Addresses the Problems With Appearance

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: & 5piecesgallery
Switzerland’s 5 Pieces contemporary art gallery has unveiled Federico Lombardo’s sketches to the public, an incredible experiment in deception.

Federico Lombardo’s mixture of painting with drawing appears at first glance to be a representation of beautiful women. Blonde and brunette illustrations capture women of various ages with bare shoulders and elongated necks, a seductive and daring choice. However, allure and beauty are only some of the themes upon which these images stand.

The Lombardo series addresses the issue of deceit. Although the women all appear to be docile if not angelic beings, they speak to the fact that appearances often hide deep and dark secrets. Perceptive purity may be solely perceptive and far from real, which is why these faces are supposed to be interpreted as maps. According to Federico Lombardo, the deconstruction of these maps will reveal untold emotion.