From Sharply Remodeled Roadsters to Mirror-Finish Convertibles

 - Aug 11, 2012
These Audi R8 innovations showcase the power and sleek profile of the German automaker's sportier line. The R8 lineup is ideal for those who love to cruise in style without sacrificing speed and agility.

The R8 was first introduced in 2006 and comes in a number of varying bodies and styles. Whether you like the open-top design of the V10 Spyder or the curvaceous two-door coupe, the line is accessible yet luxurious. Many auto enthusiasts have used the R8 series as the base for their tricked-out rides. With the addition of glowing LED lights, solid gold paint jobs and roof-raising doors, this badass car is full of endless possibilities.

Audi continues to make advancements in its R8 line-up, with builds becoming increasingly lighter and sleeker. These Audi R8 innovations prove this series is here to stay as the marque continues to make game-changing moves.