FDA Disapproves Electronic Cigarettes Entering the U.S.

 - Jun 2, 2009
References: nytimes
The fact that electronic cigarettes are unapproved by the government and virtually unstudied has not deterred thousands of smokers from flocking to mall kiosks and the Internet to buy them. Since they produce no smoke, they can be used in workplaces, restaurants and airports. One distributor is aptly named "Smoking Everywhere."

The New York Times published an article this week with some surprising content. Electronic Cigarettes have been around for about five years, but there have been very little health studies or formal laws made regarding e-cigarettes. Some are embracing this supposedly healthier smoking alternative while others are hostile with their disapprovals.

The FDA has denied entry of many e-cigarette shipments from China into the country similar to their 1989 action which refused shipment of a less appealing version called Favor Smoke-Free Cigarettes.

Why have there been no conclusive tests on e-cigarettes? And why is this product freely available for purchase online or to be smoked in public but not shipped across the border? This subject seems to have more questions than it does answers.