Thrillist’s Chart Catalogs Every State’s Favorite Soft Drink

 - Jun 6, 2014
References: thrillist & designtaxi
Everyone has a favorite soft drink, but you may find your choice is a common one with those who live around you. The folks at Thrillist prove that different soft drinks are more liked in some places than others with this infographic.

The chart cleverly depicts popular drink choices in each state on a colorful map. Thrillist decided to create it because, like it or not, "soda is an integral part of American history," just like the hamburger is. The map is a homage to sodas with intimate ties to different states; some are made exclusively in a state and some are mostly drank by a particular state.

According to the infographic, Alaskans love Pepsi, Georgians like Coca-Cola and Hawaiians love their home-based Hawaiian Sun fruit-punch.