This Infographic Lists the Best Superfoods for Your Body

 - May 7, 2014
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To help everyone learn what the best superfoods are to keep your body in tip-top shape, online marketing firm Gryffin created this helpful 'Superfood SuperGuide' infographic that lists the finest foods out there for your body to consume.

A superfood is typically defined as a jam-packed, nutrient-rich food that is especially good for keeping your body in the best possible state of health. Since there are so many delicious superfoods out there, Gryffin created the 'Superfood SuperGuide' as a convenient visual list of the best superfoods for your body. In the infographic, each superfood is illustrated as its own superhero character followed by the reasons why the superfood is so good for you. For example, did you know that one cup of iron-packed spinach is enough to heighten your immune system's strength?