From Protective to Eccentric, Patches to Keep Your Gams Noticeable

 - Jul 31, 2009
References: trenddelacreme
What’s the deal with fashion knee pads? Suddenly they’ve gone from being protective accessories for sports enthusiasts to sartorial add-ons to pants and stockings—and probably (although we haven’t seen it yet) paired with skirts and dresses.

Check out the first pair of fashion knee pads in the gallery. Pretty wild, right? But it’s not just the knee pads that make these stockings eccentric; unless you want to look like a court jester, I’d suggest steering clear of these two-toned, vibrant, shiny spandex pants. Check out the other fashion knee pads spotted by Trend de la Creme in the gallery.

On the upside, at least fashion knee pads make for a bruise-free night at the bar! (Was that the real reason Lindsay Lohan wore them?)